Holiday Places You Must Visit If You Come To Europe

Europe is wonderful collection of diverse countries, full of culture, history, distinctive cuisines and scenic beauty, and is full of fantastic holiday places to rent a rental vacation home in. Every country is different and each has its own unique flavour and atmosphere and there are some special travel holidays to be had. But how to decide where to go on your holiday, what to see first, and what to leave till next time? Vacationrentalpeople are here to help you as always, with just a couple of suggestions.

Holiday places Paris

The Italian Riviera is great holiday place, a stunning colourful district full of amazing restaurants and friendly people, full of rental vacation homes perfect as a holiday place. It lies between the Ligurian Sea and the mountain chain formed by the Maritime Alps, and has Genoa as its centre. It’s comprised of a series of quaint and charming villages still unaffected by tourism despite the long-held popularity of the area, and joined together by wonderful walks and hikes through gorgeous hills and divine scenery. This is a glamorous place, but in an old fashioned way and a throwback to classier and more elegant times.

Whilst on holiday there, you can visit the Palazzo Reale review and marvel at the lavish rooms which provide sumptuous space to display some magnificent paintings, sculptures and tapestries, as well as Asian Ceramics, or visit the Giardini Botanici Hanbury Gardens, one of the largest and most beautiful in all of Italy, containing species from five continents and offering panoramic views of the sea. Or you could simply take a stroll along the seafront and sample the laid back vibe of the area’s nightlife.

If you want to visit something out of the ordinary, you could hop across the water and book up a rental vacation home in Greece, the place of myths and Gods and where some of the most famous philosophers, mathematicians and poets of the past have hailed from. Head north to Thassaly in the middle of Greece, and visit one of the most stunning and interesting places in Europe – the Meteora.

This is a complex of six monasteries, one of the largest and most important in Eastern Orthodox Christianity and a UNESCO Heritage Site, all built inside natural rocks on the side of cliffs, creating a foggy, mystical landscape that is surreal and awe-inspiring, and one which just absorbs you into the atmosphere.

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Some of the caves had inhabitants living there almost 50 thousand years ago, but it was in the C9th when the monks moved in and made it their sanctuary. The heights and the sheerness of the cliff walls has traditionally kept away all but the most determined and hardy visitors, and allowed the monks to live a life of solitude. This is a place that has a rich history which cannot be mirrored elsewhere, and it is a visually unique location. Not a holiday place for everybody, but truly special.

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