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Everyone has their preconceived “musts” when they visit New York City. For some, it’s the landmarks: Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Times Square. Others prefer the riches found in some of the world’s greatest museums, such as the Met In my brief discussion with him, he commented that the show speaks to the heart of “kids of all ages” in its joyful fun and ingeniously crafted replicas of New York landmarks. There are over 150 replicas. One of the exhibits in the Artist’s Studio is The Holiday Train Show has returned to the New York Botanical Garden to take visitors of all ages on a magical ride. The show, which feature new miniature city landmarks and a collection of railway trains and trolleys, runs through Jan 19. The Long Island Ballet Theatre will present “The Nutcracker” at the Jeanne Rimsky Theatre, the Landmark on Main Street There are also aspiring new talent from Long Island and New York City, including two students from Port Washington’s own The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission safeguards thousands of sites around the city, from the instantly recognizable, like the Empire State Building, to small buildings that one might not find without a detailed map. Every year the list grows The office itself is in the building colloquially named ‘The Little Flatiron’, as it is a smaller building reminiscent of one of New York’s most famous landmarks – ‘The Flatiron’. Stephane Doutriaux, CEO of Poken, says: “The New York team .

Kevin Walsh has made it his mission to chronicle hundreds of forgotten landmarks all over the five boroughs—most of which New Yorkers, except those who live at or near them, are unaware. For his website Forgotten New York and 2006 book of the same name Current and past church leaders agree the landmark status was essential to save the property “This church needs the Archdiocese of New York to give it the same support as it has given St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which is basically not a parish David Grainger is walking on the water again. One foot is upstream from the Manhattan Bridge and the other foot is downstream from the Williamsburg Bridge, and he is reaching over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway to plant a yellow flag at the intersection of The New York Landmarks Conservancy has announced that 13 Sacred Sites Grants totaling $200,000 have been awarded to historic religious properties throughout New York, including a Robert W. Wilson Sacred Sites Challenge Grant of $25,000 to Mt. Zion .

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