Okinawa 001~ 2 Nights 3 Days Trip! With HIS’s Across No. 1 Travelling within Japan!

#Travel -  ♪ Okinawa 001~ 2 Nights 3 Days Trip! With HIS’s Across No. 1 Travelling within Japan!
Emerald Blue Sea ~ Our Trip to Okinawa
inside summer, the item is actually a dream of most people who want to do snorkeling inside blue sea of Okinawa.
How beautiful is actually the sea in Okinawa?
The one who has been there could never forget the beautiful transparent sea.
Colorful tropical fishes are swimming carefree inside sea
These make the sea more mysterious as well as charming.
of which time we gotta make memorable trip to view the charm of Okinawa!
Start off our trip through Tokyo….
We get on the flight for Okinawa through Tokyo
Then, rent a car after landing Okinawa!
of which time, we are happy to share with everyone of
the breathtaking as well as amazing views of the ocean of Okinawa while diving inside island of Kerama.
Also, there are a nice coffee shop along the bay of the emerald sea of Okinawa.
Let’s take a look of our trip then!
Our Okinawa Trip…
[Across No.1] foreigners agency operated by HIS travel Agency,
which provides travel booking services within Japan.
If you have following questions?
-Living outside Japan, thinking of traveling to  both Tokyo as well as Okinawa
-Living within Japan, thinking of traveling to Okinawa
-Don’t speak Japanese nevertheless thinking of playing Water sports in Okinawa
-Thinking of traveling Okinawa nevertheless no ideas of plans
of which’s what the same like us at the first ^^
So we applied for the tour to Okinawa
solving all our problems!
Let’s go!
the item is actually time to enjoy swimming inside sea in summer!
Activities inside sea in Okinawa officially start through April!
Let’s take a look at the emerald blue sea in Okinawa!
Why don’t we have a unforgettable memories in 2014!


What was the most unforgettable memory of of which trip?
The most impressive one was
on the first day we arrived the Islands of Kerama.
On the plan of HIS ACROSS NO.1,
we first headed to Islands of Kerama,
the item was recognized in 2014 as the beautiful islands of Japan National Park.
Therefore, attracting many diving-enthusiasts through around the entire world,
like an adventure in of which mysterious sea.
Tour Name: Day Trip to Kerama Islands, Diving & Snorkeling
Content: Cost including  Round-trip of boats, equipment rental, lunch as well as insurance
Time required: 7 hours
minimum number of participants: 1 person
Children able to participate: Over 10-year-old
Tour Fee: 9,800yen 
Available Period: April~ October
8:30  Get start at Miegusuku Port, Naha (arriving 30-min before)
9:30 Arriving Diving site  Diving & Snorkeling at Kerama
12:00 Lunch 
16:00 Back to Miegusuku Port, Naha
Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Building
Airport: Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Building
Departure: 8:40 Tokyo Haneda Airport
Arrivel: 11:30 Okinawa Naha Airport
Let’s go to Okinawa!!


# Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Building
Domestic Airline ~ Check-in
Check in procedure of  Japan Domestic flight looks very complicated
Actually, the item is actually very simple.
You don’t have to show  your foreigner’s residence card  as well as  even your passport
as long as you reserve your air tickets via Across No.1.
1. Confirm the time of your flight
We are taking the flight of 8:30 through Haneda Airport.
Japan Domestic Flight with “SKY”logo, require to do check-in 20-min before boarding.
(LCC Flights are 40-min before)
2. Get ready of your e-ticket
With your e-ticket through Across No. 1,
in order of which you don’t have to show your foreigner’s residence card as well as even your passport.
Just e-ticket to get your check-in process done.
3. QR Code
Just scanning the QR Code on your e-ticket,
select your seat
get your ticket
Tag your baggage at the same time as well.
4. Get your boarding pass
the item is actually simple to receive your boarding pass for domestic trip!


Anything okay for the check-in procedure?
the item is actually more simple than what we thought for domestic travel!
Next, we were boarding!!
Okinawa Naha Airport!!
We are coming!!!
After landing,
we were gonna rent a car to enjoy our trip in Okinawa!


# Go! Go! Waiting for us! Okinawa!
Okinawa Welcome us!!
Looking at the Okinawan movies playing inside restaurant
Listening to the Okinawan music playing around.
How different of Okinawan culture comparing to the culture inside main Island of Japan!
Even if the item is actually Japanese, coming to Okinawa feel like a foreign country.
Okinawa dialect born out through the unique Okinawan culture!
Japanese might not even know as well.



#Naha Airport Domestic Arrival Hall
HIS operated “Across No.1” is actually Japan’s largest travel agency specialized foreigners.
The blue big board of HIS is actually very eye-catching, so the item is actually pretty easy to find!
No Worry!
Coming to of which counter
to get the information about rent a car as well as of course some coupons as well as tourist guide about traveling in Okinawa.


# Wanna rent a car?
Rent a car is actually the most essential way for Okinawa Travel.
No car in Okinawa might feel a little inconvenient,
With the vehicle in addition to accessibility, the whole trip journey will become cheaper as well as economic.
You can rent a car at the same time with Across No. 1
So today, we used the vehicle of  “Travel Agency.”
*Where is actually the rent-a-car counter at Okinawa Naha Airport?
Over 0% visitors rent a car .
nevertheless no counters are available for rental at the airport.
Car rental services are located in places with connecting bus 5-10-min away through the airport.
*How to rent a car?
-Taking shuttle bus at the 1st Floor of  airport
-Finding the bus stop for the counter you have already made a reservation
-Confirming the reservation list
-Putting your baggage on the vehicle, as well as moving to your reserved counter.


# Car Rental -shuttle bus service
If you use rental service at Okinawa Naha Airport,
we suggest you to choose some well-liked rental companies.
in order of which you can enjoy their shuttle bus service riding through airport to their counters.
Take about 5-10 minutes.


# confirm your name


# Getting on the shuttle bus to rental service counter


# Feel a safety to see of which blue billboard on the way
You will see of which blue board when you arrive the vehicle rental service center.
of which is actually one of the reasons we suggest Across No.1.


# Procedure of car rental
Present your international driver’s license
After listening to instruction through staff,
we were excited to get of which!
The fun thing to get during car rental.
All the recommendations for Okinawa Travel!!
Come as well as take the item!


Check carefully to see if there is actually any scars.
Ok!! Today we were taking our Okinawa Trip by of which car!
Satellite navigation services
Depending on the types, languages of satellite navigation are not the same.
Most of the vehicles are available with quite a few languages!
As long as you determine your destination, the item is actually easy to access with the navigation.
If you don’t know the way to enter Japanese words,
you can type inside phone numbers or the numbers written on the map.
(Highly recommended input function)



# of which is actually the map code
If you know the phone number of your destination as well as map code,
there is actually no worry of communication.
Having them with you,
rental car will take you anywhere you want to go!
How convenient!


# Driving left in Okinawa
Don’t be afraid!
Just see the central line as the standard,
driving left is actually simple!
People in Okinawa have a calm pace of life.
Even you drive in lower speed, the vehicle behind you won’t rush you!
No worry to rush!
Let’s share our Okinawa trip!
Although the item was just a 2 nights as well as 3 Days trip,
we spend the item as locally as we thought!
The 1st Day
8:40 Take off at Tokyo Haneda Airport
11:30 arrive at Naha Airport
12:00 Rent a car
13:00 Move to Onna Village Area
14:00 Enjoy Lunch at Cafe Casalatida in front of the Sea of Okinawa
15:00 Move to Manzamou Area
16:00 Ryukyu Village (Okinawa’s Ethnic Village)
18:00 Return to Hotel (Rizzan Sea Park Hotel )
19:00 Dinner at Hotel, Take walk at the beach
The 2nd Day
7:30 Get off the hotel after breakfast
8:30 Start off to  Miegusuku Port
Diving as well as Snorkeling experience at Kerama Islands
16:00 Arrive Miegusuku Port
17:00 Okinawa Awamori Liquor Factory Visit
18:00 Check in (Nest Hotel Naha)
19:00 Dinner at Izakaya Sanshin
The 3rd Day
5:20 Moving to Sefautaki
6:00 Arrive Sefautaki
6:14 Enjoying Sunset (time for mid April.)
8:00 Walk on the beach
10:00 Rest at Coffee shop, enjoying the blue sky
11:30 Lunch at Makabechina (Okinawa Soba)
13:00 Ryukyu Glass Village
14:00 Shopping at Okinawa Outlet Ashibinaa
17:00 Procedure to return car
18:45 Leaving Okinawa
21:15 Arriving Tokyo Haneda Airport
# Okinawa’s Shisa


#Ryukyu Village
Open Hour: 8:30~17:30
Fee: Adult 1200yen / Child 600yen
Phone 098-965-1234




You can try playing Sanshin, Okinawa tradition musical instrument!


# Looking over the sea of Okinawa while enjoying Mediterranean cuisine in a cafe called [Casalatida]
Phone 098-982-5858
Open Hour Lunch (11:30-15:00)  Dinner(17:30-24:00)
Credit card is actually accepted





# Staying at Rizzan Sea Park Hotel
A beach front Hotel.
Here you can enjoy a romantic sunset.
the item is actually a large resort of which many visitors to Okinawa could come to visit!
The hotel incorporates a very diverse facilities (eight restaurants as well as a variety of experiential activities)
Even staying inside the resort hotel can be enjoyable then!


# Izakaya inside the hotel ! You can enjoy Okinawa Music here too!


# The spacious rooms in resort hotel


# You can see a beautiful view of the beach on the balcony of the hotel room
A spacious balcony not only allows you to enjoy the sea breeze
You can also hang your washed swimsuit on the balcony too! lol

# Let’s get drunken! Awamori!
Phone: 098-850-1257
Open Hour : 9:00~18:00
Entrance Fee: Free


# Okinawa Izakaya- Sanshin
Everyone through all over get together to drink!
of which is actually interesting to meet brand new people in a journey!
Like of which local Izakaya,
the item is actually also very well-liked!


# Let’s dance after drinking as well as eating!
With some Okinawan Music


#Next Day
We stayed at Nest Hotel Naha



How impressed to see of which beautiful sunrise






# Cafe “Kurukuma” along Okinawa coast
Phone: 098-949-1189
Open Hour 10:00~21:00 (Tuesday until 18:00)


#Ryukyu Village
Phone:  098-997-4784
Map Code:  232 336 227
Open Hour: 9:00~18:00
Entrance Fee : Free


# Okinawa Soba at Makabechina
Phone: 098-997-3207
Open Hour: 11:00~16:00
Parking: Free
Close: Once a month irregular day as well as every Wednesday
Estimated cost: 700yen


# English Menu with pictures


#Okinawa Soba at Makabechina
Let’s try of which local soba when you are in Okinawa
# Enjoy the shopping time in Okinawa
An outlet near airport called Ashibinaa
You can find everything here!
let’s start our activities on the sea!
One Day Trip -Kerama Islands , Diving as well as Snorkeling
For more details
# Mysterious emerald-colored sea of Kerama Islands
Kerama Islands, which are being loved by many diving enthusiasts around the entire world.
You can see how transparent is actually the water.
A-must-see in Life!
Let’s see what we experience inside sea!





Transparent blue sea in Kerama Islands
what a mysterious world!
One Day Trip – Kerama Islands , Diving as well as Snorkeling
Tour Name: Day Trip to Kerama Islands, Diving & Snorkeling
Content: Cost including  Round-trip of boats, equipment rental, lunch as well as insurance
Time required: 7 hours
minimum number of participants: 1 person
Children able to participate: Over 10-year-old
Tour Fee: 9,800yen 
Available Period: April~ October
8:30  Get start at Miegusuku Port, Naha (arriving 30-min before)
9:30 Arriving Diving site  Diving & Snorkeling at Kerama Islands
12:00 Lunch 
16:00 Back to Miegusuku Port, Naha
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